Popular solar panel myths busted

The use of solar energy didn’t have a fair stand in the past. Nonetheless, the technological development has opened new avenues towards the use of solar energy for the residential purposes. Yet, again, like any other rising star, this technology has also faced the harsh attitude of the critics. However, the solar energy system has a different story to tell.  There are numerous myths that hover around the solar panels and solar panel quotes online which are, sadly the half-truths told to us.

Busting a few of them here, lets unveil some of the popular myths related to solar panels.

  • Meant only for the rich

Gone are the days when only those with tons of money could afford the installation of solar panels. The Solar Industries Energy Association (SIEA) in a report was spotted saying that the cost of the installation have gone down by 73 percent in the recent years. Upon that, the subsidies of the states and the federals help everyone to get the benefit of these revolutionary solar panels. Thus, the solar panels and their installation is an affordable affair.

  • Maintenance requires huge investment

Yet, again, this myth is based on false assumption. Solar panels come with low maintenance, where the only maintenance comes up in the gap of a few months. The maintenance includes the cross checking on the panels in regards to the accumulated dirt and debris. This is because, unlike the other systems, there is no involvement of moving parts with the fear of wear and tear!

  • They are not ideal for every region

Yes, the solar panels require a good sunny day to generate electricity ideally. Yes, understood! However, this is not something which is a fact. The solar power system are capable of generating electricity even on rainy days and overcast conditions. A region where the love of the weather is rain, solar panels works in an equally efficient way. And thus, despite of the myths the solar panels are the most ideal option for the residential energy consumption needs.

  • They hurt the face of the roof

It is a myth that needs to be dumped! The solar panels rather save the roof of your home. If a solar panel is installed, it protects the roof from the damage which may be caused due to the weather. There are numerous studies which tell us that the solar panels when properly installed won’t hurt the roof in any way possible. The panels are easy to move. The shifting of the panel or installation of it can be done without hurting the shingles or wood of the roof.

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